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Feature - The Inauguration of Donald Trump
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At noon on Friday, January 20th Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. With the American population still divided in their feelings toward Trump, he takes office as one of the least popular incoming Presidents in history.
Hundreds of thousands of people have traveled to Washington, DC, some to welcome the incoming President and others to voice opposition to his rhetoric and policy proposals. Friday’s Inaugural events include the swearing in ceremony, a concert on the Mall, parade led by the President. Though anti-Trump demonstrations are taking place during these...
Feature - Trump Inauguration by Susan Meiselas

Susan Meiselas

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Feature - Trump Inauguration by Carolyn Drake

Carolyn Drake

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Feature - Trump Inauguration by Peter van Agtmael

Peter van Agtmael

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Feature - Trump Inauguration by Gilles Peress

Gilles Peress

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Feature - Trump Inauguration by Larry Towell

Larry Towell

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Feature - NYC Anti-Trump and Women's Day Marches.

Magnum Photographers

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Feature - Trump Inauguration and Women's March Around the World

Magnum Photographers

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