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Werner Bischof
Swiss, 1916 - 1954

Werner Bischof studied photography with Hans Finsler in his native Zürich at the School for Arts and Crafts (1932 -1936), then opened a photography and advertising studio which he ran until his military service in 1939. As of 1942, he was a freelancer for Du magazine, and got international recognition after publication of his 1945 reportage on war's devastation.

In the following years Bischof travelled in Italy and Greece for the Schweizer Spende. In 1948 he photographed the winter Olympics in St. Moritz for Life magazine. After trips to Eastern...
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Werner Bischof 2011

Album: 356 images
Book - Questions to My Father

Werner Bischof 2004

Album: 71 images
Portfolio - CD ROM: Life and Work of a Photographer

Werner Bischof 2011

Album: 106 images
Book - Werner Bischof 55

Werner Bischof 2014

Album: 55 images
Book - After the War

Werner Bischof 2014

Album: 32 images
Book - Photographs

Werner Bischof 1990

Album: 196 images
Book - "Du" Werner Bischof, Europa 1945-1950

Werner Bischof 1990

Album: 50 images
Book - Photo Poche

Werner Bischof 2006

Album: 57 images
Book - Werner Bischof: 24 photos

Werner Bischof 1946

Album: 23 images
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