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Jean Gaumy
French, b. l948

Originally from the French southwest coast, Gaumy has often returned to his maritime roots (he currently lives in Fecamp, a fishermen's harbour, in Normandy), most recently following traditional Spanish fishing boats that are the last of their kind in Europe. He has natural empathy for the atmosphere of the sea and environmental subjects.

A student of modern literature, Gaumy started his professional career as an editor and photographer in Rouen, Normandy for a daily newspaper . He then worked with the Gamma agency from 1973 to 1977. His first published documentary was the...
Portfolio - Submarine


Album: 40 images
Book - Pleine mer (Men At Sea)

Jean Gaumy 2001

Album: 123 images
Book - Le Livre Des Tempêtes

Jean Gaumy 2001

Album: 65 images
Book - Le Pont de Normandie 1988-1994

Jean Gaumy 1994

Album: 107 images
Book - L'hôpital

Jean Gaumy 1976

Album: 21 images
Book - Les Incarcérés

Jean Gaumy 1983

Album: 34 images
Portfolio - Drouot

Jean Gaumy 0

Album: 18 images
Portfolio - Iran

Jean Gaumy 0

Album: 42 images
Portfolio - Kyrgyzstan

Jean Gaumy 0

Album: 38 images
Portfolio - Polaroids

Jean Gaumy 2006

Album: 17 images
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