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Ferdinando Scianna
Italian, b.1946

Ferdinando Scianna, who was born in Bagheria, Sicily, spent the first 22 years of his life in Sicily and became a specialist in the culture of the island which is the subject of several of his books, from Feste Religiose in Sicilia, 1965, a Prix Nadar winner, to his magnum opus Les Siciliens, 1977.

In a style akin to that of the Italian neo-realists of the 1940s, using a dramatic, baroque light and dark shadows, Scianna depicts a region in the grip of powerful traditions and religious culture, but at the same time able to assimilate modernity.

Scianna, who began photographing...
Book - Quelli di Bagheria

Ferdinando Scianna 2002

Album: 185 images
Book - Dormire, forse sognare

Ferdinando Scianna 2006

Album: 78 images
Book - Le Forme del Caos

Ferdinando Scianna 1989

Album: 178 images
Book - Citta del Mondo

Ferdinando Scianna 1988

Album: 80 images
Book - L'Instante e la forma

Ferdinando Scianna 2007

Album: 31 images
Book - Les Siciliens

Ferdinando Scianna 1977

Album: 147 images
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Album: 39 images
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