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A constantly updated array of our photo essays, archive stories, new books and projects. Most Magnum photographers are also available for assignment. You can view these stories by individual photographer by clicking on your choice on the left-side filter bar.
Feature - End of Year 2018

Magnum Photographers

Album: 58 images
Feature - "Gilets Jaunes" Protests in France.

Magnum Group

Album: 5 images
Feature - Blackpool Illuminations

Gueorgui Pinkhassov

Album: 22 images
Archive - George H.W. Bush (Senior): 1924-2018

Magnum Photographers

Album: 41 images
Archive - Nancy Pelosi Nominated for Speaker of the House

Paolo Pellegrin

Album: 11 images
Feature - Human Rights Defenders

Bruce Gilden

Album: 15 images
Feature - Crossing

Lorenzo Meloni

Album: 35 images
Archive - The Andaman Islands Sentinelese Tribe

Raghu Rai

Album: 16 images
Book - Return to Manchester

Martin Parr

Album: 218 images
Archive - Profile: Carlos Ghosn

Sim Chi Yin

Album: 26 images
Feature - The Damned of the Mountain

Moises Saman

Album: 21 images
Feature - Message From Franklin (& Walker)

Alec Soth

Album: 7 images
Feature - Polish National Day

Magnum Photographers

Album: 24 images
Feature - Gentleman's Club: Cuba

Cristina de Middel

Album: 23 images
Feature - Gentleman's Club: Bangkok

Cristina de Middel

Album: 28 images
Feature - HOME Culture-Making Workshop

Carolyn Drake

Album: 25 images
Feature - Land Art in Europe - 50 Years On

Stuart Franklin

Album: 53 images
Feature - Paula Rego's Atelier

Chris Steele-Perkins

Album: 14 images
Feature - 1568 WWI Postcards

Thomas Dworzak

Album: 114 images
Feature - Lives of African Migrants In Southern Italy

Enri Canaj

Album: 49 images
Exhibition - Terre à L’Amende

Mark Power

Album: 66 images
Feature - Stella Tennant

Martin Parr 2018

Album: 13 images
Feature - New Reveals in Pompeii

Patrick Zachmann

Album: 57 images
Feature - Mexican Athletes vs the Wall

Cristina de Middel

Album: 12 images
Feature - Kode with Klossy

Chien-Chi Chang

Album: 13 images
Archive - Ara Güler: 1928-2018

Magnum Photographers

Album: 68 images
Book - Magnum China

Magnum Photographers 2018

Album: 325 images
Feature - Hotel House Recanati

Enri Canaj

Album: 19 images
Feature - Jean Gaumy, Member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts.

Richard Kalvar

Album: 10 images
Archive - Archbishop Óscar Romero Canonized

Magnum Photographers

Album: 7 images
Feature - Colombia

Ian Berry

Album: 37 images
Feature - A Tableau of Tribes: Martin Parr Photographs Frieze Art Fair

Martin Parr

Album: 29 images
Book - Syracuse 1981

Bruce Gilden

Album: 46 images
Feature - The Bureau

Magnum Photographers

Album: 114 images
Book - Rivages (2018)

Harry Gruyaert 2018

Album: 88 images
Feature - When The Water Rises

Emin Ozmen

Album: 40 images
Book - Inge Morath: Magnum Legacy

Inge Morath

Album: 107 images
Book - Gene

Jim Goldberg

Album: 27 images
Feature - Kyoto's Sagano Bamboo Forest

Moises Saman

Album: 42 images
Book - Good Morning, America

Mark Power

Album: 58 images
Book - Elliott Erwitt's Scotland

Elliott Erwitt

Album: 144 images
Feature - Magnum x Vogue

Magnum Photographers

Album: 34 images
Feature - Designers Without Borders

Magnum Photographers

Album: 22 images
Archive - Marceline Loridan-Ivens: 1928-2018

Patrick Zachmann

Album: 14 images
Feature - In private, Bombay

Olivia Arthur

Album: 48 images
Feature - Studying Climate Change in The Arctic

Jean Gaumy

Album: 50 images
Feature - Designer Virgil Abloh

Alex Majoli

Album: 20 images
Book - Approximate Joy

Christopher Anderson

Album: 71 images
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