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Feature - They Defend our Freedoms. 30 years of the Sakharov Prize.
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Since 1988 the European Parliament has been awarding the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought to individuals and organisations that have made an exceptional contribution to the fight for human rights.
To mark the 30th anniversary of the prize, the European Parliament, together with Magnum Photos, presents a new documentary project that profiles four human rights activists from around the world.
They Defend our Freedoms - 30 years of the Sakharov Prize gives a voice to these unsung heroes, presenting an immersive journey into their daily lives as seen through the diverse perspectives of Magnum...
Feature - Fighting Youth Radicalization in Tunisia

Newsha Tavakolian

Album: 26 images
Feature - Land Rights of Minorities in Cambodia

Jerome Sessini

Album: 24 images
Feature - Women Empowerment in Bosnia

Bieke Depoorter

Album: 24 images
Feature - Freedom of Speech for Ethiopians

Enri Canaj

Album: 29 images
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