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The 2017 UN Climate Change conference kicked off on November 6th in Bonn, Germany. Aimed at developing collaboration and cooperation between nations in upholding the landmark Paris Agreement to reduce CO2 emissions, the conference will focus on ways to accelerate the implementation of the agreement. The need for greater commitment amongst member nations is especially dire given that The United States, the world’s second-largest greenhouse gas emitter, has abandoned the international agreement.
The conference will also highlight transformative frameworks and technologies that address and mitigate...
Feature - Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Jonas Bendiksen

Album: 19 images
Feature - The Arctic

Jean Gaumy

Album: 24 images
Feature - Post-Coal Depression in the Illinois Basin

Peter van Agtmael

Album: 26 images
Feature - The End of Coal ?

Magnum Photographers

Album: 144 images
Book - Higher Ground

Carl De Keyzer

Album: 147 images
Feature - Long Exile on Kili and Majuro

Michael Christopher Brown

Album: 65 images
Feature - Philippines: Storming Home

Sohrab Hura

Album: 30 images
Feature - France: Urban Innovation

Paolo Pellegrin

Album: 23 images
Feature - Ethiopia: Moving Ahead

Jerome Sessini 2014

Album: 21 images
Feature - Kenya: Full Steam Ahead

Jonas Bendiksen

Album: 29 images
Feature - Liberia: The Sunshine Ladies

Thomas Dworzak

Album: 30 images
Feature - Chile: Shining Lights

Moises Saman

Album: 25 images
Feature - Peru: Brick By Brick

Stuart Franklin

Album: 39 images
Feature - Vietnam: Grain Drain

Chien-Chi Chang

Album: 25 images
Feature - Brazil: From Waste To Wattage

Michael Christopher Brown

Album: 28 images
Feature - Trinidad & Tobago: Fit for Change

Bieke Depoorter

Album: 23 images
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