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Emin Özmen
Turkish, b. 1985 (Nominee)
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Feb 13, 2019
On January 23rd, Juan Guaidó, as the leader of the Venezuelan legislature, and citing articles 233 and 333 of Venezuela's constitution against President Nicolas Maduro controversial re-election, declared himself acting president of Venezuela. Guaidó called on all of those opposed to Maduro and his government to continue protesting "until Venezuela is liberated". Several pro-Guaido protests then took... More...
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Jan 9, 2019
According to the UN last reports, more than 4.2 million civilians had been displaced since the beginning of the civil war in South Sudan (2013). Around 120,000 people took refuge in the POC site of Bentiu. Ruthless violence has raged for years in countries located south of Bentiu town. The civilian population has been directly targeted by all warring parties, including with mass killings and gang rapes,... More...
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Oct 2, 2018
Turkish Dam Chronicles.
The Güneydogu Anadolu Projesi, or GAP project is a long running government effort to build 22 dams (19 of which are to be coupled with hydroelectric power stations) and irrigate 1,800,000 hectares of South-Eastern Anatolia. The Turkish government’s most public aims are the redevelopment of the region and the harnessing of the country’s powerful natural energy sources - the Euphrates... More...
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Jun 21, 2018
Nigeria is currently experiencing an opioid addiction crisis - millions of citizens are addicted to Tramadol, a legal but highly addictive synthetic opioid. Though not as potent as heroin or morphine, it’s readily available so is an easy choice for users. Due to Tramadol’s comparatively mild effects, addicts typically combine it with alcohol, marijuana, codeine, and/or Rohypnol.

Though Tramadol users... More...
Jan 24, 2018
Improve your narrative skills with Magnum in Paris

“ For me, there is something more important than good or bad photography. It’s about the quality of your character, it’s about your soul. I believe photography follows this and is already a reflection of who you are.” - Emin Özmen

Improve your visual storytelling skills with Magnum Photos nominee Emin Özmen and his longterm collaborator Cloe Kerhoas,... More...